Who is Carol

YA 200hr+ E-RYT:Reiki Master Healer Teacher:Vibrational Sound Therapist:200hr YTT co-faciliator

I was born and raised in the Nevada high desert riding horses and playing like a country girl. We spent time exploring the land on horseback after school and on weekends or camping out at archery tournaments. There were (and still are) many furry/feathered/scaly animals that we nurture and welcome into our family. We were a 4-H family learning all the skills of animal care, leadership, and community connectedness. Through my adolescence I was plagued with headaches (often turning to migraines) and painful acne. Doctors told me it was hormonal or it was my diet. They gave me a script and told me take that when it started coming on, but they didn't give me an option to prevent them. The script for headaches usually left me feeling nauseous with brain fog for several hours. The acne medication made my face painful to the touch and bright red. I knew there had to be other options.

When I graduated with my Bachelors of Science I continued to struggle- with a different pain. I still had debilitating migraines that would leave me in a dark room to escape the pain because chasing the pain with medication wasn’t working. I still had acne that was the first thing people noticed about me and was beginning to leave scars. As the new and different pain began to assault my body like little electric bolts crawling along my skin it felt like I had no choice but to live with the pain. Doctors had no answers and I looked fine so friends and family didn’t understand. After becoming a mom and welcoming my daughter and son I put my head down and was determined to get an answer to the pain that plagued me. In 2016 a doctor of rheumatology told me I had ‘Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disease’ and recommended medication to reduce the symptoms of the autoimmune. I knew there were other options.

I began my energy healing journey with plant based wellness practices in 2014 after being introduced by a friend to the life changing benefits. The migraines stopped plaguing me with simple daily routines with Frankincense and Peppermint. The active acne was clearing and staying clear with Tea Tree, Frankincense, and Cedarwood. It was the preventative and long lasting effects I had been searching for all this time. Through the plant based wellness community I met another woman who introduced me to yoga. The intimiate connection to Self spoke to me immediately. Struggling with the physical pain from an autoimmune I began searching for other relief. Plant based wellness was only scratching the surface and I knew there had to be something that would heal deeper. Walking into that first yoga studio was a little intimidating to this counrty girl who lived in jeans and cowgirl boots. It was also the turning point for my wellness. I began to practice regularly with meditation and breath. Nidra was and still is one of my favorite practices. Adding in asana later with a vinyasa and restorative focus. Then the real shift came with my first sound bath. I was in awe of the power of vibration and sought my first training to heal myself. As I healed I found so many others who also struggled with the biomedicine approach of symptom chasing. Offering my body gentle vibration from a singing bowl relaxed the connective tissues and there was less and less pain. Longer periods of time between pain episodes. Soon there was little to no symptoms of the autoimmune. It was everything I had hoped and prayed for coming to fruition.

I began to help others discover their healing energy and help them heal themselves. We all have the ability to open ourself to healing energy. Our body’s are miraculous creations made to shift and change… and heal. In 2019, I moved to Colorado with my family and expanded my energy healing with Reiki MHT, 200hrYTT, Innersource Tuning Forks, Chinese Medicine for Yoga and Energy Medicine Yoga. My energy healing studio is located in Black Forest Colorado. I offer yoga classes for all levels of healing; hands on sessions with cupping, plant based application, and reiki; vibrational sound healing sessions with therapuetic sound bowls and tuning forks; and subtle body focused movement.

You will find weekly yoga classes at local studios, private yoga sessions, group energy coaching events, reiki trainings, vibrational healing sessions, plant based wellness classes, and any other fun events that I am called to offer the community for collective and individual healing.

What is
Unbridled Yoga


Vibrational Energy Healing

  • Therapeutic Bowls
  • Tuning Forks

We are all made up of vibrating energy. Working with the vibrations in your body to increase frequency finds you feeling more fluid and alive. Higher vibrations reduce inflammation, stagnation, and dis-ease in the body. Come vibe with me!

Yoga Practices (Nidra/Vinyasa/Restorative/Yin/Chinese Medicine)

  • Private
  • Studio Classes
  • Energy Medicine Yoga

Yoga is everything- literally. It is how we breathe, think, emote our feelings, and move. Notice everything else comes before movement? Yoga is life. You can find a fuller more embodied breath, grounded thoughts in faith and self, and freed emotions for fluid easeful movement.

Plant Based Classes

  • Education Classes
  • Application Workshops
  • Mixology Classes

Harvesting the power behind plants is the oldest form of wellness. Creating a life routine for wellness includes the essences of plants because they open our own healing. Have you ever taken an inhale of a flower and it brings back the memory of a loved one? The power to heal is one smell away.


  • Hands on Healing Sessions
  • Trainings
    • Reiki for the Self level I
    • Reiki for the World level II
    • Reiki Master Healer level III
    • Reiki Master Teacher level IV

The ultimate unlocking of your own healing energy. Reiki is the universal energy that we each have access to and can use it to heal. Reiki level I is for the Self; it is caring for you. Reiki level II opens the abundant energy to your world; caring for family, friends, pets, and clients.

Intuitive Healing Malas

  • Intuitive Healing Malas
  • Horse Spirit Malas
  • Custom created Malas for you.

Malas are used for meditation, prayer, mantras, affirmations and reminders of your healing journey. Created with intuitive healing intentions are more than pretty jewelry. They bring a deeper connection and essence to any spiritual or religious practice. All Unbridled Malas are cleansed and reiki charged for your healing journey. Visit my shop or reach out to order yours.

Yoga School

  • Colorado Springs School of Yoga

This program is designed for students who want to become certified yoga teachers, as well as those with a desire to dive deeper into the art and science of yoga, grow in their practice, deepen in self-understanding and gain a greater knowledge of yoga philosophy, body alignment, and anatomy. Participants will learn and develop the key elements necessary to teach a fun, safe, and effective yoga class as well as important skills that will positively serve all aspects of one’s life.

Learn more about the Colorado Springs School of Yoga

"Everything Carol offers is the epitome of self care and healing. I have a deep appreciation of vibrational energy healing. I often found myself avoiding stillness because it was so challenging to me. As soon as I experienced a session with Carol and her bowls/tuning forks, it was like my sympathetic nervous system was finally able to go offline. The best way I can put it is that it's as if your soul is caressed by the vibrational energy. With bowls being on the body, they offer a more soothing yet deeper experience than sound baths that are commonly offered at studios. Truly extraordinary healing! Carol's yoga classes are some of my favorites and she is my go to resource when it comes to anything essential oil related. Her reiki courses provide additional tools to heal self and the world that I am so glad I participated in. If you've been called to heal and crave opportunities for self care, Carol is a beautiful and intuitive guide to assist you in this journey.”
-Jackie H.

Your Healing

Where are you in this journey of healing? Are you at the beginning struggling for answers and relief? Have you started alone and are looking for a guide in the next steps? Have you healed that which ails you the most and you are looking for sustained wellness? No matter where you are in your healing journey I look forward to walking beside you.

You can choose intuitive healing to be your guide and allow me to lead your journey for a while. Sometimes you need a little rest from making all the decisions. At this point in your journey I can offer the healing while you release control of doing and step into being.

You can choose your own path to healing and enjoy the company of a guiding hand. I am here to support you and offer additional healing tools. You can choose the tools and together we will guide healing energy where it needs to go. You know your body, mind, and heart the best. You hold the reins and take the lead.

I call it a healing journey because it is filled with experiences and opportunities of growth, of learning, of forgiveness. Each piece of ourself we heal uncovers a deeper sense of Self, of being here in this life. I offer Unbridled Yoga because we need our energy to be an expansive union of our life and healing. A limitless connection of our body and soul.

"I have had various types of body work in my life and am also a yoga instructor, but what I experienced today was nothing like anything I have ever felt. It was subtle yet powerful and effective. My nervous system feels calm, balanced, and restored. My body feels light and blissful. This will be my new form of self care and my go to recommendation for people who have had any type of trauma. I am so incredibly thankful for Carol; for her wisdom, knowledge, and beautiful gift!"
-Nicole J.

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Join me for Yoga Practice at Yoga Bliss Studio Colorado Springs

  • Essential Yoga (an all levels practice)
  • Energy Medicine Yoga Weekly Practices
  • Workshops

"Subtle and POWERFUL! Vibrational Sound Therapy with Carol is AMAZING! She is the utmost professional. Her extensive knowledge and training combined with the human body’s restorative mechanisms create the space for healing to occur. You NEED this treatment! Add it to your monthly self care routine. You’ll LOVE it!"
-Renea D.

Connect with Me

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  • "Carol has brought so much healing to me and my family. She’s so loving and compassionate to her clients while holding a sol'd space of accountability. She’s a wealth of knowledge in all of her crafts and a true intuitive healer. It has been a privilege to be apart of her journey to becoming the gifted healer, coach, and yoga guide that she is. I am eternally grateful for her. 💖🙌 “
    -Melissa R.



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